Alfen is a producer and rapper from Copenhagen, Denmark. Alfen makes

catchy tunes inspired by southside hiphop, but uses instruments from

Asia and middle east. He debuted in 2014 with his EP "Hungrende" which

received 4 stars from danish Music Magazine Gaffa. In 2017 Alfen went

no. 33 Denmark viral on spotify, with his single "lædersko og hat feat.

Peter Frödin”. He was up for two nominations by Gaffa in 2019. “Danish

hiphop release of the year” and “New danish name of the year”.

Alfen participated in the international Music competition "Emergenza

Festival" in 2015, and won the danish finale, and the scandinavian

finale, and made it to the Word finals in Germany. "intense, alluring,

dramatic and multitalent", was some of the praising words from reviews,

when Alfen performs with vocals and piano with a liveband, while dancing

and jumping around on stage.

Alfen has also performed om danish television several times. Alfen has

also played at Copenhagen Pride

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Dedikeret til venner


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