A Songwriter's Odyssey / Trinelise Væring

A Songwriter´s Odyssey

During the endless lock-downs I made myself a promise. When all this was over, I would travel with my songs and thereby challenge myself in new and inspiring musical environments.

Copenhagen-Vancouver - a Canadian dream came through.

A songwriter’s Odyssey (out autumn 2024) is recorded in Vancouver with producer John Raham and a Canadian band with support from a.o. Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

Genre: folk/alt. country/Nordicana/Americana.

AboutA songwriter’s Odyssey.
Timeline: first single May 2024. full album fall/winter 2024

A common theme running through the album.
One could say it’s an album about artistic endeavors and finding out about what drives you.
It is also an album about the lives we live and the relationships we have, while pursuing our dreams.

I am is also co-leader of Tone of Voice Orchestra (selftitled album rel. 2022, not released via digigdi). As a bandleader I have released 13 albums.

My most recent album in my o...
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