A Squire's Vision

The world has
forever been steered by cynical, war-inclined men with psychopathic
traits. Democracy, a term woven into the fabric of human history,
faces an uncertain fate. Its endurance remains a question mark.

These lyrics
might seem distant from our reality, yet A Squire's Vision
consistently draws parallels between the past and the present. One
could argue they depict the modern human through medieval tales of
tyrants and religion. The world is evolving at a pace challenging for
us to fully comprehend. The modern human, though educated and shaped
by a high-tech reality, is fundamentally akin to the people of the
Middle Ages.

A Squire's
Vision is a blend of styles, centered around symphonic rock but
equally embracing pop and British rock. Modern semi-electronic
elements intermingle with classical and historical instruments,
crafting a musical landscape inspired by both historical movies and
literature. We encounter the likes of Shakespeare, King George, and
Count Dracula. The musi

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