Andrew Chen


Meet Andrew Chen, a Danish upcoming artist with a unique voice, captivating stage presence, and heartfelt songwriting. He aims to conquer both the Danish and international music scenes as a new, significant pop star. Since 2020, he has enthralled listeners with six singles, four music videos, an acoustic EP, and over 175,000 plays on Spotify, as well as airplay on radio stations.

Andrew Chen explores the captivating genre of "Dreamy EDM," rooted in both rock and pop. Inspired by icons like Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, and Danish sensation Maximillian, he creates music on a foundation of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and pop-electronic sounds. His grand pop productions weave a unique and recognizable musical universe that speaks to the hearts of a wide range of listeners. Andrew Chen is more than an artist – he is a musical journey waiting to be explored!



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