Arthur Freedom

Arthur Freedom, a artistand producer, brings a distinctive blend of Melodic House and Melodic Techno. Based in Hessen, Arthur Freedom naturally intertwines ethereal melodies, cinematic nuances, and infectious rhythms; his music, a reflection of diverse influences.. His skills behind the booth found a home during a two-year residency at Arthur Freedom, where his storytelling created a grounded yet enchanting atmosphere, a testament to the genuine connection he forges with his audience. Over these years, he has shared the stage with globally acclaimed artists such as , , and . In a display of true collaboration, his mashup release with caught the attention of heavyweights and . This joint effort, born out of passion and creativity, propelled Arthur Freedom beyond the DJ booth leaving his mark with releases on respected labels like Soave and Gahara. Arthur Freedom emerges not only as an artist but as a relatable storyteller, his music isn't a distant echo; it's a genuine, felt experience.