The man behind BAUN is the Danish jazzpianist and soulsinger, Søren Baun. He was born and grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He started singing and playing the piano by ear when he was nine, with Earth, Wind & Fire, The Beatles and Miles Davis spinning on his father’s recordplayer.

Today BAUN is reaching out to people who is starving for warm handplayed soulful music in a digital age. He wants to give an uplifting experience building a bridge between jazz and catchy beat-driven music.

In 2024 BAUN is releasing four singles from his upcoming album 'Beginnings', which will be out in the fall.

With its lush production, big soothing sound and plenty of detail, Beginnings will be equally rewarding on the couch, in the park and on the dancefloor.

”The soulful Scandinavian”
– Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul

On previous releases BAUN got airplay on Dutch and Danish national radio (P3, P5, P8) and was placed on Amazons Hot New jazz. British neo-soul legend Omar, Bands of Tomorrow an

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