Bando Vybz

Bando Vybz is "founded" in Smokenhagen 2004, and consists of (Producer) Dennis Bjerking & sometimes (Musician) Danni Rydal Albrechtsen, who together have over 40 years of experience within Urban productions

Bando Vybz is new to both parties because, before the resurrection of the name in 2024, they have since 2012 focused
On Exclusive releases for both Sony Music Denmark but also Warner Music Denmark, as well as several independent sub-companies, with productions for the more well-established Danish music industry and have therefore not sought international recognition.

Now is the time when the team will try to get their beats beyond the Danish borders so that the world can hear their full potential.

Bando Vybz can be considered Danish pioneers as they have been streamed 156,560,445 million+ and in addition they have both Multi Gold certifications but also Multi Platinum certifications issued by ifpi Denmark, for their work as producers or artists in the music industry.

Dennis Bj...
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