Bitter Honey

Hello – we are BITTER HONEY – A five-piece rock band.

Our line-up is :-

Einar Jónsson (Iceland) on bass, Martin Christensen (Denmark) on drums, Johannes Bjerrum (Denmark) on keyboards, Christian Worm (Denmark) on guitar, and Alan Slim (England) on vocals.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We formed in 2022, and have been very busy since, writing and building a repertoire of songs, practicing, developing our live act, playing numerous gigs, and recording. The focal point of the band is on writing quality, well-crafted songs, with good melodies and arrangements, and poetic, meaningful lyrics. We are also a dynamic and passionate live act.

Our style is difficult to define, but we combine elements of rock, psychedelia, punk, country, and indie.

We have recently released a single – ‘Whose Eyes Are These?’ and we are in the process of recording our debut album, which will be released at the end of 2024.

We are available to play concerts at short notice and for the forese

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Kontakt   25479258