Bones Broken

Introducing: Bones Broken

There comes a time in every man's life where he must either stop telling stories about his band career that didn't quite happen – or corral his friends and pick up where Alice in Chains left off.

Mac Wilkens (vocals), Mikkel Johansen Dahl (guitar), Thomas Skovsted (guitar), Jesper Doc Andersen (drums), Kim Simoni Gottliebsen (backing vocals) and Nicholas Frost-Lindsteen (bass) have done just that. 20 years wiser, beards significantly longer – bodies maybe even some pounds heavier – their new, hard-rocking Copenhagen band has never been more ready to suck out the marrow of life. Appropriately, they're called Bones Broken.

Distorting the rear view to the 1990's with a distinct sound and no-nonsense attitude, Bones Broken is not so much a passionate one-night stand between American grunge and Scandinavian noir as a well-functioning blended modern family with all kinds of offspring.

The band's debut EP is an embrace of the vulnerability you might be haunted by

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