Ejnar Kanding


Ejnar Kanding composes new classical score music. He is known for exploring the possibilities within a wide range of musical expressions, from the bodily expanding to the emotionally static or melancholic. His uniquely colorful timbre unites the electronic and acoustic sound in complex textures, bodily energy, and delicate simplicity. Kanding's music is a sensuous voyage into the unknown areas of inner life. Like a hall of mirrors, his music is a journey into the ambiguous.

Kanding’s music is appreciated in concerts for example at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, and has been selected for prominent festivals. He has received the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year stipend and numerous work grants and composition commissions from international ensembles. He studied composition and music theory at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen (1986-96), and in Jerusalem in 1994/95.

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