GLIMTVIS write songs that balances in the schizophrenic borderland between shameless pop, honest country and the unpolished voice of rock, and which tell personal stories of life and love, as we try to navigate in adulthood.


"We make a virtue out of trying to put into words what the story of the songs is - and let people get really close, when we play them.

Through our music, we want to share the parts of adulthood, that we typically do not share on Facebook and Instagram - the part of the divorce that just hurts; the insecurity of trying to find a new “one and only” , being the last one left at the bar and going home alone - even if you were standing there in the spotlight earlier ; to make peace with yourself, not to spend so much energy on hating one's ex, falling in love or lacking that same feeling. To feel out of place in what is supposed to be adult life”

All wrapped up in the good tune and love of the good hookline.