Hoeg & NIlsson

Henning Hoeg and Robert Nilsson, both lifelong music enthusiasts, have each pursued their passion for music independently, playing in numerous bands during their youth.

Over the years, Hoeg & Nilsson have had the opportunity to collaborate with established names in the music industry, both in the United States and Denmark, including Wes Writer (Skrilla), Natalis Ruby, Drew Tyler, Austin Leeds, Jessie Lynn Toups, Ayrian Gridiron, Brittany Hadley, Steve Goodie, Jan Lysdahl, and Esben Just, among others.

However, it is in each other's musical company that Hoeg & Nilsson feel truly inspired. They share a special connection, with Nilsson seemingly knowing what Hoeg is thinking, and vice versa. Their musical collaboration has brought a newfound excitement and creativity to their work.

With their combined talents, experience, and mutual understanding, Hoeg & Nilsson continue to create music that resonates with their shared passion, and their musical journey together promises to be one fill...
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The Long Way Home ,  ,  198391572616
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The Long Way Home

Hoeg & Nilsson

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