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Copenhagen-based Polish/Danish artist Joanna J. Stroz is a composer, music producer, singer-songwriter, percussionist, drummer and carillonneur.

JJS produced her first album with contemporary percussion music “Nordic Wave” in 2010, then she made her debut as a carillonneur, composer and singer-songwriter on her second album “Drums and Bells” and singles: “Harlequin”, “In A Bar Called The Wood”, “Fire Fields”, “Life” and “Horses”.

Joanna was a line-up artist five times at The International Electronic Music Festival Strøm in Copenhagen, Denmark. The result of her unique interpretation of the electronic hits on the carillon led her to experiment with her own creation and music production under the label: Apolonia Records, which started in 2015. Joanna's songs are often recalled as groovy compositions for solo carillon, every time she performs.

As a part of the composer process and soloist experience, Joanna presented her music at International Festivals in Denmark, Ireland, Bel

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Joanna J. Stroz

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Apolonia Records is proud to present "Idol” the latest music single from the talented Joanna J Stroz. With easygoing almost childish melodies and lyrics JJS created an electro synth pop song to the Po...



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