Mack Trenka


Mack Trenka is a multi genre singer - songwriter. Coming from a musical family, he has been playing the guitar since the age of 4. Originally influenced by folk, jazz, hippie rock, and ancient blues - which was always being played on the family stereo – Mack creates an eclectic, original style that is undeniably his own, putting together different styles into a powerful musical expression. Combining his soulful vocal delivery with expert guitar skills and adventurous experimentation, Mack creates a unique sonic landscape. During his live shows, he plays a solid set of original songs, as well as own versions of some obscure favorites, rearranged in a memorable way.

His songs can be described as cinematic, painting pictures in a listeners` mind, rather than telling a story. Sometimes delicate and poetic, sometimes raw and emotional, they leave a permanent mark on anyone who happens to hear them.

Ever since Copenhagen became his home 6 years ago, Mack has been performing live in th

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