Naï-Kobra Sonic Artefact Collective

Excerpt from the Naï-Kobra Manifesto:

§ 4.2  "On the Sonic Maze and the Puppeteer Within"  
         “Though we alchemize within a sonic free space a figment of imagination reflects a disruption. Leading through the passage of a dogmatic, sonic labyrinth of arcane narratives. We organized the construction of this maze ourselves. A Dionysian air, wet with sound, swept passed back towards the fresh breath of untroubled escape behind, while still grabbing hold of our ankles bare. Once, we evaded in fear the illywhacker-puppeteer tripping the light fantastic atop the high hedges. Now, though, we dig deep in order to thrive as stringborn and seek to adapt our entire sensory system to high-entropy environments of disrupted sonic excess. 
Clandestine prospectors, as we are, we mine in mud and bring to shine sound artefacts. We transgress found borders of knowledge and here organize sonic spaces by reaching out, not to the ears, but to the undivided, though not yet unified, sensing body. An a...
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