Nick Sander

Raised in a family that was very musically inclined, Nick Sander has from the early beginning been introduced to various instruments and began to play drums and sing when he was only 2 years old. Later on, in his pre-teens he picked up piano, bass and guitar playing and started to write and compose his own songs with the goal of being a solo artist in mind.

The relentless hard work of mastering various instruments, writing and composing his own songs paid off when he signed his first music deal with the Danish recording, production and management company Juicy Halftone at age 18.

Nick Sander left Juicy Halftone after two years and spent an additional 7 years trying to figure out which musical direction he would follow in the long run. He started a rap band, produced music for various artists abroad, did warm up solo gigs for Danish singers and pop groups, performed at clubs and venues while spending all his spare time writing and composing his own material and making himself ready for a career as an international artist.

In 2019 he officially sent out his first demo songs and presented himself as the up-coming solo pop artist Nick Sander. After several rejections or lack of response he chose to be independent.