Night Acclaim

Upcoming songwriter Night Acclaim is a promising pop newcomer from New Jersey. Marrying the dance-pop production of Katy Perry and the vulnerable but compelling lyricism of Betty Who, Acclaim is a unique artist that blends 2000s pop with modern pop elements.

At an early age, he had the opportunity to grow up around seasoned musicians that helped him perfect his craft before starting his own project.

After drawing inspiration from artists such as Katy Perry, Betty Who, and Pretty Sister he decided to start putting out his own original songs. This led him to working with various established co-writers such as Myah Marie, Zak Waters, and Hailey Collier to create his first singles such as “Beat of Our Hearts” and “Games” which garnered him recognition from notable tastemakers such as Celebmix, A&R Factory, and PopMuzik.

Night Acclaim’s strongest asset is his vulnerability and being able to reshape a small moment into a song that feels both personal and relatable. Acclaim is gearing up

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