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Raccoon Fink

Benjamin Reed discovered MODs on local BBSes in the 1990s and threw himself into composing electronic music, first through BBS distribution, then later through the demoscene, as Ranger Rick. He composed all through the 90s and early 2000s, self-releasing either through the 'scene or independently through his own web site, eventually under the moniker Raccoon Fink.

Fast-forward to the pandemic times, he joined The Garages, a loose collective of 20+ folks writing music about Blaseball, as well as an offshoot of The Garages, Putrid Shark, and his musical output exploded again.

During that time, he found out that one of his songs from the 90s was stolen, alongside a number of other demoscene musicians, by someone going by Lord Caduceus. What was at the time an independent scene of folks making homemade music and trading tapes is now known as "Dungeon Synth," and this release was considered one of the early seminal releases in the founding of the genre.  Dungeon's Deep, a DS record label,...
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