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The Role of Endoscopy in Diagnosing Digestive Diseases
Endoscopy is a pivotal diagnostic tool in modern gastroenterology, offering a direct view into the gastrointestinal tract to identify and sometimes treat various conditions. At the Ace Specialist Surgery & Endoscopy Centre in Singapore, advanced endoscopic techniques are routinely used to diagnose and manage diseases such as ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, and cancers.
Ace Specialist Surgery & Endoscopy Centre: Advanced Endoscopic Diagnostics
Located at 3 Mount Elizabeth, #15-14 Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510, the Ace Specialist Surgery & Endoscopy Centre, led by Dr. Reyaz Singaporewalla, offers comprehensive gastroscopy services. Dr. Singaporewalla, with extensive experience in endoscopic and surgical procedures, ensures high precision in diagnosing gastrointestinal issues. For more information or to schedule a procedure, visit or call 9645 5900.
How Endoscopy Diagnose...
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