Sofie Norling

The Expression Sings. 
You listen. Vibrate.
Maybe something changes. 
Grows. Implode. Explode.
Creates a new world. Of love. Of hope. Of light.

In times of vulnerability, melodies have the ability to envelop the listener, instill hope, and provide time for reflection. For hundreds of years, Swedish traditional hymns have offered solace in times of sorrow and brought joy to countless singing Swedes as summer approaches. Sofie aims to embrace new generations with melodies, shed new light on the lyrics, and demonstrate that the hymns are as relevant now as ever.

Jazz vocalist Sofie Norling has previously toured and produced nine albums including her own music in bands such as David's Angels, Nuaia and Quiet Nights Orchestra. Now Sofie embarks on her long-awaited solo debut under the newly launched label, WIMPS Productions. Collaborating as co-arranger is esteemed trumpeter Jonne Bentlöv, recognized for his work with well-known acts including Bo Kasper's Orchestra, First Aid Kit, and Wee

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