Tabea Koloska

Vocalist and Composer Tabea Koloska stands out especially for her authenticity and originality in her compositions and arrangements. ’My music should inspire the audience to embrace their life as it comes’ she says, and so it is not surprising that her compositions to a high degree are based on feelings that everyone experiences in their life. Tabea grew up in Dresden (Germany), where as a teenager she got in contact with the small and personal regional music scene, a scene that is influenced by many different musical styles. Therefore, it is not surprising that her music cannot be simply categorized as jazz, but is equally influenced by singer-songwriter, pop, and classical (choral) music.

In her music, Tabea describes her feelings in the form of a story told from a distance, but they still come across as very personal and thoughtful. Her lyrics promote the music in a way that caresses and surrounds the imagination, be it in English, German, or Dutch. That way, she manages to touch pe

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