“Magnificent, ethereal, and a forceful assault on the spectrum of emotions”(Gaffa, 2022)
Violence is a post-punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark. With deep roots inthe European punk and hardcore scene, shaped by more than 100 shows in theEuropean underground scene, the band underwent a transformative musicalevolution leaving the harsh punk sounds, toinstead explore how a moderntake on the late '80s post-punk could sound like—a captivating journey infusedwith melancholy, airy atmospheres, and immersive synth soundscapes.Drawing parallels to The Cure's iconic "Disintegration" era, Violence hascurated a sonic landscape that pays homage to the introspective allure of thatera while injecting a fresh, contemporary perspective.In 2022, Violence's debut album, "Area Sub Rosa," earned acclaim, scoring anotable 5/6 rating from Danish music media, Gaffa.As they navigate theirmusical evolution, Violence teases new music set to captivate in 2024. 

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