Andy X

Andy X is a Danish debutant with this solo project, but at the same time an extremely experienced act on the Danish stage. So Mr. Nobody does not quite hold water. He has played in a myriad of bands and performed with, produced and written countless songs, also for other artists. So far, he has achieved airplay on National Danish Radio, Radio Suomi, BBC, Tokyo FM and Little Stevens Ungerground Garage etc. Songs he has starred in have been played at especially Collage stations in most of the world, and even for a Russian film and a Ukrainian TV series he has provided music.

A review of Anders Carstensen's musical CV would go in every conceivable direction, but with Andy X the style is clearly dictated as modern solid crooner rock, which, however, also draws threads back to the eighties' newwave, but it does not lean towards any concrete big names. Andy X is one of the most intelligent punk poets of the time, while his melodies are razor sharp. This song is the only one released from Andy X at the moment, but it bodes well for the future.