Animalize is an upcoming glam-rock band overtaking the stages of Denmark.
With catchy lyrics, wild riffs, thundering drums and exploding energy on stage, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget.
Animalize manage to deliver shows with melodical songs, blasting drums, intense guitar solos and everything that follows - truly an event to fill any rock soul out there
The four guys all share the love for the old and raw rock sound of the 80’s, and it' clearly shining through as they play, making people forget both time and place.

“When we think of rock ‘n’roll music, we think of the 80’s - everything was so wild. The eyepopping colors, the hair and outfits, the living energy, and we bring all that. We don’t just do concerts. We do shows, bringing all to one”


Clay Ronson (guitarist) and Chris Clark (drummer) met back in 2017 and have since then, always known their destiny of playing music and performing together. But in their long search of finding both a

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