BRON, Broen, The Bridge - Copenhagen Light Festival 2024. Tak til @dronerune. With the use of light, this site specific installation amplifies and enlarges the architecture of Knippel Bridge and reconstruct the bridge with references to suspension bridges. The first bridge between Copenhagen and Christianshavn was constructed in 1618-20 by King Christian IV of Denmark in connection with the foundation of Christianshavn. The current bridge, the sixth on the site, was inaugurated on 17 December 1937. It was designed by Kaj Gottlob and built by Wright, Thomsen & Kier in collaboration with Burmeister & Wain. The installation Bron Broen Bridge is therefore the latest link in a long line of the many new constructions of the bridge that Copenhageners have witnessed throughout history. Thanks to Copenhagen Light Festival, koebenhavnskommune, Vigsøe, Frederik Hougs, Kenn Waehrens and #lightart #bllbrnd #lightfestival #knippelsbro #bridges #lightinstallation #cphlightfestival