Enilora´s sound universe consists of melancholic pop, combined with a sensitive vocal and lyrics that reflects upon personal experiences. Behind the name Enilora stands Karoline Stensen: a 23-year-old Norwegian pop artist from Stavanger, Norway living in Aalborg, Denmark.

“Through music, I wish to share the thoughts and feelings I experience in life, and thus create a mirror that we, both as individuals and society, can recognize ourselves in.” – Karoline Stensen, Enilora

In recent years, Karoline has explored several cultures around the world, as well as living with locals through volunteer work in developing countries, trekking, and exchange. From a young age, she has frequently moved out of her comfort zone, discovered new sides to herself, and shared her reflections with a desire to inspire others. However, back then she never dared to share her musical side, as she considered it to be her most vulnerable.

Along with many others, Karoline’s life was turned upside down in

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