Genfärd is a presence haunting the deep, dark woods of the North. Escaping the melancholy of a burning world, she creates her own sonic queendom to play, dance, and get lost in. This soundscape is dark and electronic and created with haunting samples, synthscapes, and beats.

In 2020 Genfärd got out of the forest briefly to release her first remix No Longer Afraid - Genfärd Remix.

In early 2021 a cold, howling wind blew through leaves of old, crooked trees whispering about what would come in spring 2021. This resulted in Genfärd's debut single Glemsel being released in March 2021, and the second single Solastalgi in April 2021.

Finally, on May 28 2021, Genfärd will release her debut EP Gru. Gru contains the two singles Solastalgi & Glemsel, as well as three more tracks (Hugst, Ødeland and Forglem Mig Ej).

Gru is a concept album telling the story of the destruction of Genfärd’s habitat – the woods – and the different stages of Genfärd’s emotional reaction to this loss. As such, Gru is both a critique of mankind’s ongoing ecocide, and a musical manifestation of grief and anger.

Both the EP Gru and the singles Solastalgi and Glemsel are mastered by Queer Ear Mastering
and released on Genfärd’s own label Gys Records.