Who are you and what kind of content do you create?

Hello, I am Robinik Grimmgall and this is my Maecenate. Currently in school, and I draw. I aspire to work somewhere in the art industry, but for now, I draw as a hobby.

What are you planning on doing?

I want to make either 3 animated series or 3 different comic series. I'm planning on if I'm going with the first route, hiring a highly-skilled traditional animator, a few writers, a small number of character designers, and, of course, voice actors. Of course, I will be the main writer, supervisor, story director, character designer, and storyboarder, but of course, I'm going to need help along the way.

My stories will be based on 20th-century culture (but still take place in the 21st century). My first show will be about a seagull and a cat trying to achieve their dreams in New York while also dealing with poverty and having to work tons of jobs. It will be a mostly slice of life thing with a tiny bit of storytelling toward a goal. My

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