Ida Wenøe

This is your chance to be involved directly with a super talented international artist and support her creativity with your monthly subscription. Ida Wenøe has won a lot of international acclaim over the last few years and has toured extensively - playing venues and festivals all over Europe and North America.

As a subscribing super fan you´ll get access to all kinds of unreleased material: demo recordings, photos, videos and inside stories that won´t be published anywhere else. We can also premiere new singles to our superfans before they are released officially and give you discounts on certain concert tickets or merchandise.

Being a super fan gives you a chance to follow Ida´s creative process closely and get a glimpse into the everyday life of being a musician and songwriter.

With this initiative we want to communicate directly with you as a fan. Your contribution goes directly to Ida, and will help her to focus 100% on doing what she does best - create beautiful art and share it

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