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Different types of braces for teeth straightening in Singapore

A lot of people are unhappy with their smiles, and are looking for improvements by having cosmetic dentistry such as teeth straightening. Incorrect alignment of teeth is a cause of stress as it can influence your smile. The best solution is to see an expert dentist about your braces from who will recommend the best way to align your teeth to the correct position. After treatment is completed, you will have your coveted smile, which had been elusive for years. Teeth straightening is one the orthodontic treatments that can improve your smile, reduce wear on your teeth, enhance your bite, and improve your dental hygiene.
Your dentist will inform you about the various options for straightening your teeth, and the choices will be determined by the state of your teeth's align, appearance, as well as your budget. Braces are the sole prosthetic that is used to assist in the straightening of teeth and come in a variety of materials and styles offered by dental clinic at 43 Jln Merah Saga, #01-64 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115, 65 6475 1028.

Ceramic braces

The most significant issue with braces is that they are ugly, and it appears to be an obstruction that draws everyone's interest. Ceramic braces are a great option to create a less noticeable appearance, yet a reliable orthodontic treatment for teens who are older as well as young adult. As compared to traditional braces made of metal, ceramic braces are not as noticeable because of their tooth-colored brackets as well as wires with the same hue. Braces are able to effectively apply pressure on the teeth , causing them move, and then attain the correct position to ensure an ideal alignment.

Lingual braces

Because the visible appearance of braces can be a problem the best way to hide braces is to use Lingual braces that rest on the areas of the teeth. They are custom-made. The braces are designed according to your dental shape to ensure they are comfortable and functional. However, it takes time to become accustomed to braces that contact your tongue regularly. They could even affect your eating habits and speech since it's in direct contact with your mouth.

Clear braces/aligners

The latest version of braces are completely invisible and is made of synthetic material. The braces are placed between spaces between the teeth, and remain undetectable. They are designed so that they exert gentle pressure to the teeth. The clear aligners only treat minor orthodontic issues. Apart from being invisible, clear aligners are also removable, similar to dentures, which allows you to maintain the proper hygiene of your mouth. It is possible to remove them when you brush and clean the aligners before putting them again. But, continuous wear is required with less removals to achieve the best outcomes.

Traditional metal braces

Braces of this type were a common sight in the past, but not before the latest braces came onto the market. For teens and kids and also suitable for adults metal braces are affordable and are suitable for those on a tight budget. The prosthetic comprises small brackets that are attached to teeth, and linked to one another using a fine wire. The dentist can adjust the pressure on the braces regularly or suggest to change the braces if they are appropriate.
Patients from all ages may opt to have their teeth straightened getting it done earlier gives more benefits.