Jan Flicker

A path to Rock 'n Roll

My music is what some people in popular will call Rock 'n Roll. Others will try to be more specific and call it Blues Rock. Some will even call it Roots Rock.

I call It Lager Rock.

Lager Rock can be viewed as a kinda Rock n Roll toolbox which style’s was strangely sandwiched in between the Rock n Roll mainstreams of its day.
Lager Rock weld three Rock n Roll mainstreams together: Punk Rock, New Wave and classic electric Guitar Blues Rock.
It emerged in London in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and spread like a bushfire all over Europe.
Pure condensed energy my friends.

I have and I will all ways play Lager Rock!
Through out my life, besides playing Lager Rock, I’ve been doing a ton of odd jobs from business consulting to flying airplanes. But I have never ever being anything close to selling my guitar and leaving Lager Rock and in that way too Rock 'n Roll.

But when my life moved into its fifty’s my not so healthy lifestyle caught up with me and the next six y

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Min seneste udgivelse

Min seneste udgivelse

Hvis du vil i kontakt med mig...

Hvis du vil i kontakt med mig...

Hvis du har noget på hjertet, kan du altid få fat i mig hér.

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