Laid Back


Laid Back er en dansk elektronisk musikduo, der blev dannet i København i 1979. Duoen består af Tim Stahl og John Guldberg, og musikstilen består primært af afslappet synthpop. De er bedst kendt for deres hits "Sunshine Reggae" og "White Horse" fra 1983 og "Bakerman" fra 1989.

The Seventies & Eighties

Way back in the seventies, Tim Stahl and John Guldberg met in a band called

The Starbox Band and soon found out that there was a special chemistry between them. They were always the ones left that kept on jamming when band rehearsals ended. After a disaster of a support gig for The Kinks in Copenhagen, where people walked out on them, the band split up.

New technology came as a revolution to musicians in the mid-seventies:
multi-track tape recorders, rhythm boxes and synthesizers. In a backyard downtown Copenhagen, John had set up a small studio where they began jamming together and do tape recordings. They soon realized that they had created a new sound, a new way

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