Martin Buster


Martin Buster began his solo project in March 2022 and released the

single "One Last Breath," which was named the weekly demo on ANR

radio. Since then, he has released the singles "Shitty Tradition" and

"Drop" in October 2022, which have been played on Denmark's

national radio P3 and the German radio station RBB FRITZ, and have

been included in Spotify's New Music Friday playlist.

Martin has performed at various venues in Denmark, including the

SPOT festival, and has also visited Germany twice. In May, he won

the title of "Songwriter of the Year" in North Jutland and performed

at the Egmont Festival, Tall Ship Races, and as support for Queen

Machine in Skovdalen.

Martin's music is a blend of intimacy and a deep text universe with

catchy melodies. His soulful voice and acoustic instruments are

surrounded by synth, effects, and drum machines, creating a sound

that resembles a future Indian tribe singing a choir under the starry

sky. The lyrics come from Martin's own re

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