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Stretch marks removalWhat methods are used for stretch marks removal There are number of methods to remove stretch marks. The choice of a specific method or combination of methods is made by the doctor during the consultation.

Stretch marks removaluses state-of-the-art laser equipment for the removal of stretch marks. Methods are chosen according to age, patient's medical history, type and stage of stretch marks, presence of comorbidities, skin condition, stretch mark pigmentation, presence of blood vessels in the scars and other factors.

Method of stretch marks removal and reductionLaser ablation of stretch marks (fractional CO2 nanoperforation) - the most modern and effective method.Laser photothermolysis of stretch marks (suitable for young scars).medical IPL devascularisation of the striae.laser depigmentation of the strips.Medical IPL depigmentation of the striae.Microinjection mesotherapy.How is laser stretch mark rem...
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