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Why Are The Primary Teeth Important?
A lot of people are hesitant to let their kids go to the dentist too young. However, some studies show that children should go as early as age two.
Studies found that children who were two or three were more likely to see a dentist than those at five or six. They also found that when children went in for an exam, those who had the best oral health at the age of two were seven times more likely to see a dentist again than those with the worst teeth (at five).
2. Eruption Of Your Child's Teeth
If you’re a parent, you know we’ve had a lot of discussions about children. That doesn’t mean we necessarily have to agree on every subject covered in these articles, but we do believe that the most important thing for kids is getting them to the dentist regularly.
The first time your kid has their teeth cleaned is probably the most difficult thing they will ever experience. It’s not uncommon for children to cry and have anxiety in their stomachs at the very th...
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