Moving School’s major objective is to offer education to children in the North Indian State of Gujarat.

We are situated in rural India in the province of Kutch, where most families earn their primary income from fishing. For eight months a year the families move from their villages to the coast to fish, creating temporary encampments along the coast. As a result, their children are far away from the schools of their home villages for most of the year.

Devendra Kandolkar, a true soul of fire, is the backbone of Moving School in Gujarat. He inspires and leads the staff—9 teachers in 2016–17—who educated 370 children.

The campus of the Moving School is made up of several semi-permanent tent classrooms and a few permanent buildings, which offer primary school courses.

Moving School also supports hostels for both girls and boys, where the children live in safe surroundings, get food and help with their studies, and are close to a local school, where they can finish their basic education an

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