Life. Actions and Impacts" is a real story. This is just a confession of the true feelings of a desperate (and somehow inspired) guy who wants to tell you a history about himself. I can't quite say for now, what my destiny is, otherwise, I'd be spoiling you the story, before even reading it (There are clues, though). However, I'm currently fighting against time, in order to reach this destiny (which is quite unattainable right now, but I fear for my life and safety, if not fulfilled). People in the outside; and you, can help me to reach it while I can recover myself into a more respectable position (Yes, I have no job. You'll actually get to see why throughout this story). However, I love what I do right now and there is no chance for me to fail. I'm not good at numbers, however, there is a goal I'd like to reach. Since the time is quite near the end, I am not able to compute a weekly figure to earn. However, my year's problems will be solved if I raise an amount of 25,000 USD. Hope

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