Neon Slasher - A sensu-industrial Duo

Dear Parallel bodies – Welcome at the curtains before our sparkle room.

This is our presentation of the Neon Slasher Maecenate, and our place to share everything we are and will be, our ideas and feelings, images and sound, scandals and trials, our desires and our work as we progress. For those who want to go deep with us – This is the place, EXCLUSIVELY. “

Neon Slasher is an intense, wild and exciting new band on the Industrial Sludge-Pop scene. Neon Slasher consists of its two founders whose identities are shared inside the Maecenate and its secret spaces, where they themselves will conduct their presence and share the strange urges.

╢ ╖ ╕ ╣

“We hope to attract the kind of maecen who truly feels an urge to support our kind of work; a perhaps darker kind, a kind of music, method and image that investigates a raw expression, a wilder art.

There are stuff unfit for facebook and twitter – which is why we have chosen this platform for the deep stuff. ----- We believe in th

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