Oak Now Willow

Katrine Hald lives in the pioneering Eco-village Friland in Denmark. From her bubble of self-sufficient gardening, yoga and music, she reaches out with an organic and unfiltered sound.

Oak Now Willow is a live band first and foremost, but also a music production collaboration and four friends who created music when live concerts were on an indefinite hiatus.

Katrine Hald - Lead Vocal/Guitar/Rhodes

Nikolaj Heyman - Guitar/Vocal

Johs Hejl - Bass

Peter Dombernowsky - Drumkit/percussion


In Katrine's songs there is a contemporary musical kinship with Aldous Harding, This is the Kit and Jessica Pratt.

Adding drums and bluesy guitar playing, has moved Katrine’s songs in a direction that encompasses the moods and folk-bluesy spirit of Patti Smith, J.J.Cale and Karen Dalton. It all started with a two-day recording session in Hjortdal. The musical meeting between the four temperaments turned out to be a band - Oak Now Willow.

Peter, Nikolaj and Johs have played extensive tours with: Isob

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