Right Noise

Right Noise comes from the multi-national belief that culture is a worldwide experience. We figured we liked a lot of different areas - art, film and especially music. The beginning of the cycle is intimately connected to the love we feel about cultural demonstrations and the sharing of those without borders. Denmark is an amazing educational playground for us, it gave us the opportunity to start realizing our plans and dreams.

Without further hesitation our mission is pure and simple - we want to bring new ways for everybody to experience the same old things. Instead of the standard way in which everything is shared in an almost vertical and structural method we want to focus on bringing diversity to the cultural scene through making it as intimate as possible - a direct connection between the audience and cultural creator. We want to take risks and make you think - be it showing you your possibly new favourite band. Consider the way everything’s connected, how art grasps music, how music is going to influence film for example. It materializes as one of the main motivations behind creating our cultural association: to give back to the cultural scene in Denmark which has nonetheless always inspired us.

Right Noise is all about sharing and creating new opportunities. Our core is to be able to connect the different realms of the cultural spectrum, to make us all realize how our little differences can make a functional whole, to propel humanity from an existential abyss into an astral plane. The union between all of the little niches that are divided, the courage to be able to start a night with some noisy punk show and end it with a trip within yourself, the sudden realization that you can and will be part of the change. The ability to find yourself between every cultural statement you like.