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All about buccal fat removal for thinner cheeks

Buccal fat removal is rounded to treat the bony cheek. Buccal fat removal is a rounded mass of fat in the centre of the cheek. It is located between the facial muscles, in a hollow area under the cheekbone. The size of the buccal fat pad affects the shape of your face. Everyone has an oral fat pad. However, the size of the fat pads can vary greatly.

If you have larger cavity fat pads, you may feel as if your face is too round or full. You may also feel like you have a "baby face". There's nothing wrong with bigger cheeks. However, if you want to make them smaller, a plastic surgeon may recommend removing the fat from your mouth. This surgery is done to reduce the width of round faces. If you're interested in removing fat from the oral cavity, read more about this procedure and the possible complications.

What is Buccal fat removal?

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