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We love supporting innovative business, and we believe Maecen is one. Since they are based in Denmark, the currency is in DKK. We have provided a chart to help you convert it. Approximately...

$1 = 6 DKK                                $20 = 122 DKK
$5 = 31 DKK                              $50 = 306 DKK
$10 = 61 DKK                            $100 = 613 DKK
OR check for yourself: currency converter
(If you prefer a one-time donation, click here.)

Ultimately, have fun playing with this. In the world we envision everyone lives prosperous, wealthy lives with all our needs met so we can spend our time and energy on our favorite things. All day. Every day.

We love you. Keep the vision alive! And receive the giant blessing of prosperity that comes with your generous giving! 


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