SERP Domains

the most effective way to promote a site, namely Website Optimization (SEO).

Planning your site is important! You need to choose the right domain name. That is, before you start making the site, you must have a (business) plan. You need to know what you are going to sell, what your target is and how to reach it, what your main products will be and what you will most want your site to be ranked in search engines (called keywords or key phrases) .

Most of you know what a domain is:,, or is your domain.

Domains are NOT bought, they are rented. That is, you buy the domain name for a certain period of time and during that time, it is yours - you can direct it where you want and upload to it whatever you want. When the period expires, you either have to renew your domain by paying for it for another year or more, or you will lose it - everyone on the Internet will be able to buy it.

What domain name to choose?
When choosing a domain name, the choice is critical to the success of your site. It is this way because:

The right domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce - to be easily promoted.
One or more keywords in the domain name will help you rank your site more easily in search engines. That is, if you are struggling in a niche "advertising", then the word "advertising" or "reklama" in the name of your domain, would help you reduce your subsequent optimization costs at times.
When choosing a name for your domain, the options are TWO:

A. New Domain Registration.
B. Purchase an Old Domain, with history and links to take for granted. The topic of our article is about a new domain, but still in some sites, for example here: you can buy old domains with many links and history of low prices.
It is extremely important when buying an old domain to be able to evaluate the domain, to check whether it is worth the price you will have to pay for it. If someone is trying to sell you an old domain for a lot of money, first check the three most important parameters: is there a site on this domain, is the site indexed and how popular is it = how much money is invested in it and how much you can earn from him.

The latter can be easily checked by seeing how many and what links it has to this domain on the Internet and what it is ranked in search engines.