Svend Staal

A fusion guitar player who has played with great musicians such as:

Jim Templeton, Atilla Engin, Okay Temiz, Klaus Hovman, Morten Carlsen, Hugo Rasmussen, Ole Thoeger, Bo Gryholt, Niels Ryde, Thomas Metcalf, Hans Mydtskov, Mehmet Ozan, Hüseyin Özcan, Noah Hortstock, Torben Groenning, Allan Stade, Mads Klint & Jazper Lindenhoff.

He played with the band STAFF in the mid eighties and has played Turkish Fusion and Folk Music in various bands as well.

Svend Staal Larsen is also known for his cooperation with the Turkish drummer Atilla Engin and was featured on the world-renowned hits “Les Djinns”, “Ramadan” and “Into The Light”.

Besides his career as a musician he has taught and coordinated the rhythmic division of MGK Fyn (Pre Conservatory Music School).

From 2014 to 2016, Svend played with the first Acon2 constellation. (Bo Gryholt: bass, Mads Klint: keyboards, Jazper Lindenhoff: drums & Svend: guitar)