Tangerine Tower

Do you like jams? Do you like bops? Are you even inclined to like slappers now and then?
You've come to the right place, my funky fresh friend.
I want you to get down, inside and outside your head. When the slammers come on, and the dance floor is on fire, I want you to move as fluidly as the water that puts it out. I want you to surpass John Travolta's moves in Saturday Night Fever. I want everyone to be looking at you and think "Wtf are they doing?", while simultaneously just wishing they were you in that moment. I want you to feel the rattle in your bones, the quiver in your muscles, the chill of your skin, and when it all becomes too much to bear, I want you to bust the hardest move you ever have busted, or ever will bust, in your entire life.

This is Tangerine Tower, presenting you the zestiest, tangiest, ripest tunes you could dream of. Synth-y, funky, disco-y indie-pop for the masses and the lone individual alike. You are hereby permitted, invited, and encouraged to get up, dow...
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