The Moldenet Saga

Welcome to The Moldenet Saga. 

My name is Vagn Molnit and I have decided to find some reason why I exist. I was born in 1954, in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.
Therefore, on this medium I will go back to the more significant of my ancestors. 
I want to tell about their life story. Some will be known by most, others totally unknown, but then they have a life course that can be interesting in the big story. The background

Since the roman Emperor Augustus in Anno Domino Zero commanded that the whole world should be written in the census
ancestors have lived in my family tree for 65 generations.
I often think about who they were, where they came from and how on earth there has been room for so many individuals on this little planet. 
During that period of 30 years Jesus Christ lived, no less than 18.446.744.073.709.400.000 people were born, of whom I am a descendant.
Until I was born in the year 1954, all individuals have 2 parents. Nowadays, there can...
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