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What Should I Know About Cervical Cancer Screening?
Pap smears are a common method used to detect cervical cancer. They are also a necessary part of routine screening for women aged 18-44 in Singapore. A Pap smear is a simple test that involves scraping the outer layer of the cervix, usually around the opening of the womb, with a small, flexible surgical probe. It is diagnostic and prognostic.
Before turning to a Pap smear, it’s important to know that:
Pap smears are not screening tests. They do not screen for cancer; they only detect abnormalities in the cells lining the cervix and uterus that may indicate an abnormal condition.
Pap smears are not aimed at detecting cervical cancer. They do not test for other types of cancer.
Pap smears can be invasive and uncomfortable procedures. For women who have had heavy periods or vaginal bleeding in the past six months, it may be more difficult to undergo the procedure without painkillers.
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