Tim Lothar

Hi there.
For a long time thought of creating a Patreon page, but as most of my audience and followers are in Europe, it made sense trying out a geographically closer platform.
Here you will be able to give a little support economically, and in return I will post some news and videos from time to time. I was never really a big fan of posting whatever on FB (don't expect food photos and selfies), but I have a lot of experience as a musician, and I thought it might be interesting for some of you - who know a little about who I am and what I do - to know more about:
- how I choose to work with open tunings (mainly for guitarists).
- where I get my inspirations from.
- future projects / past projects.
- thoughts and things that you might find interesting.
- and some other stuff.

The fee will be 10 kroner per month / about 1,30 Euros... like the costs of a cup of coffee or a beer.

I will keep this in english. I am from Denmark but play most of my concerts outside DK (Germany, Hungary, Finland, Sweden...) and don't want to exclude anyone.

Anyway: welcome! I look forward to try this out.

Best regards/Viele Grüsse/Mange hilsner,