Young Hadene delivers his latest single “All of This Money” featuring Clout Gurl

International Hip-Hop Artist, Young Hadene hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When it comes to relatability, the Str8 Hits Records CEO is a person who has grown up with a passion for music at a very young age. Originally from Haiti, Young Hadene’s roots include spending some of his childhood in Florida and finally landing in Toronto. Hadene’s style of music is Hip-Hop and is easily recognizable when he spits his words with a lot of emotion. One of his 2018 singles titled “Spark it Up” is a testament to that which the words with a hint of attitude and even anger can be heard in the delivery.

A Hip-Hop artist is someone who is dedicated to making new innovations that stay true to the lifestyle. This time, Young Hadene teams up with Clout Gurl to deliver a message to the streets. His latest single “All of This Money” has an infectious hook and it packs a lot of street cred in the words. Neither of the two spares the listener as they continue to chant “Got all of this money but what I’m do with it? Yuh, Wooh, Wooh!” The message behind “All of This Money” is universal, allowing the listener to think about a vast amount of options if they were checking in a bag.

It is rare for an artist from Toronto, Canada to make it big in Hip- Hop. However, Young Hadene is an exception with one million streams collectively, so he is well on his way to getting there. Ultimately, there is a power to being from Canada and coming onto the scene. Canadians are always looking for their own to do great music. There have been a few superstars like Justin Bieber, but Canadians are always scouting fresh talent. Be sure to connect with Young Hadene on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.