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Dark circles under the eyes: causes, types and treatments for dark circles under the eyes

Why do they appear? How can they be treated? It is not an easy problem to eliminate (or prevent), but it is possible to improve their appearance by following certain recommendations

The experts say it (and it is confirmed every day by those of us who have dark circles under our eyes): the presence of dark circles under the eyes detracts from the attractiveness of the face. And it happens because they convey a feeling of tiredness and sadness that directly influences facial recognition patterns and the perception of attractiveness. Perhaps this is why we are already more concerned about dark circles under our eyes and a permanently tired face than about wrinkles or grey hair, as statistics confirm.

Those who suffer from them will also know that it is a difficult problem to prevent and treat. It is not easy to obtain obvious results or to eliminate them completely with the simple use of a cream, but

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